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Frequently Asked Questions about Shine at Home

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- How are Shine at Home team members selected?
First, Shine at Home looks for people that have a passion to help seniors live independently. Then each potential team member must successfully complete a thorough personal and professional reference and extensive background checks. Each team member is also Police checked and insured.

- What makes Shine at Home different from other companies that provide in-home services to seniors?
The individuals that comprise the leader team of Shine at Home has years of experience in seniors services.  That fact combined with a commitment to listen to our clients sets us apart.

- How do I pay for Shine at Home services? Do I pay the service provider?
No, payment is not made to your housekeeper, meal delivery person or driver. You can pay Shine at Home by cheque, Visa or Mastercard.  Our website allows you the convenience to pay online as well.

- Does Shine at Home provide any medical services?
No, we are not an in-home medical care service.  However, through our extensive partnerships in the seniors service industry, we can assist our clients in obtaining medication distribution systems and tele-health systems for their peace-of-mind.  We have a vast understanding of these options and choices and can make these decisions clearer for a Shine at Home client. 

- Will I have the same Shine at Home cleaners and/or chauffeur every time?
No, it is in your best interests to have us change the individuals assigned to your housekeeping requirements periodically. Even though we carefully screen everyone we hire, we prefer to build in an extra measure of caution for your safety and security and to ensure that you retain your privacy. This policy also allows us the scheduling flexibility to better serve our clients .


- How do I know I can trust the housecleaners in my home?
Good question! The individuals doing the cleaning are fully background screened, the Shine leader is constantly following up with the client on satisfaction, and we use multiple team members to do your housekeeping.  Further, we will advise you on a few easy but important tips and ideas to ensure your safety and security.   

- Do I have to provide cleaning supplies, or do they bring their own?
No, we have our own ecologically friendly cleaning program and chemical system.

- Do I have to be home when they’re cleaning?
Yes. It’s best that you’re home in case you have any special requests or concerns.

- Will they do my laundry too?
Yes, if you desire this service, we will be happy to provide it.

- How do I order the Shine at Home cleaning service?
You can go online at, click on housekeeping and complete the form (don’t forget to hit SUBMIT), or call us at 519-336-9898 or send us an email at When we receive your request, we will arrange a visit with a Shine at Home representative.


- Will I have the same chauffeur every time?
We will do our best if that is your wish. However it may not always be possible.

- How much notice do you need?
We appreciate it if you book your trip the day before.  However, if you have a last minute need, we will certainly try to accommodate you.

- What if I have an emergency and need a driver quickly?
For significant medical emergencies Shine at Home should not be your first choice.  You should use 911 for those concerns.  For something important, but not urgent, we will do everything we can.

- What if I pay my monthly fee and don’t use the service?
We will be happy to credit your account. 

- How do I order the Shine at Home transportation service?
You can order online (, or over the phone by calling us at

If you have any questions that we haven’t answered here, please contact us and a Shine at Home representative will be in touch with you shortly.