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Personal Safety Services
For Everyone’s Peace-of-Mind

Your home has always been a safe haven.
It’s the place where you sleep peacefully
at night, where you can leave and enter
without a second thought, and where you
can always count on your family and
neighbours to be there for you.

Unfortunately, with age comes worry –
for the elderly resident, as well as for his or her children.

At Shine at Home, we believe that your home should always be your safe haven, and we have some additional services to make living at home comfortable and worry-free for everyone involved.

Emergency services

Everyone should feel safe in their own home. Shine can help you navigate the options for personal safety, such as tele-health services that automatically call for help if the resident is unable to. Shine is very knowledgeable about the options available. We’ll help you find the service that suits you best and have it installed for less than you would pay if you were to do it on your own.

Pharmacy services

We can arrange for sophisticated medication management systems at no charge. From individually wrapped medication with date and time to be taken stamped on each, to home prescription delivery and even medication dispensing machines, we can help find you the right service for your unique situation.

For more information on any of these services contact us and a Shine representative will be in touch with you very soon.