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Think of Shine at Home
as Your Own Personal

Getting from Point A to Point B can be
challenging at times – especially if you
no longer drive your own vehicle.
You may not be comfortable using public
transportation. Your family members may
not always be available to help you get to
where you need to go.

Shine at Home drivers can pick you up, drop you off and bring you home again safely. You’ll never need to worry about being late or missing an appointment. Need a lift to bridge night with the ladies? No problem. When you need to get a few groceries, just give us a call. Our friendly drivers will even carry your bags in for you.

More affordable than calling a cab

With one low per ride fee, Shine clients can have convenient door-to-door transportation in our chauffeur-driven Shine minivan, whenever they need it.
This flat rate fee can start as low as $5 one way. This is much more economical than taking cabs, and you have the assurance of a qualified Shine driver. Best of all, our meter is never running – so you don’t have to worry about time and your money ticking away.

We prefer 24 hours notice, but if you have a rush request we will do our best to accommodate you depending on availability of space.

Please note, this service may not yet be available in your area. Please contact us for information.